Pokemon Sun And Moon Poke Ride: All The Pokemon To Help You Travel

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pokemon sun and moon poke ride

One of the biggest changes in Pokemon Sun and Moon is that it?s doing away with HMs. Players no longer have to place specific Pokemon in their party just to use Surf, Fly, Cut and many more. Replacing HMs is a new mechanic called Poke Ride. This neat feature allows players to overcome obstacles without having to jumble up their party. Here?s every Pokemon Sun and Moon Poke Ride.


Charizard will have the Fly ability. This allows players to easily travel between previously visited areas without having to go through caves, forests and routes. This is definitely the best Pokemon Sun and Moon Poke Ride as it will save players a lot of time.


To traverse the seas, players will make use of Lapras. Lapras will have the Surf ability in the game, but players will be restricted in areas wherein obstacles are blocking progress. Lapras? Surf ability is also a bit slow, so players will be getting into a lot of battles while using it.


For rough terrain on land, players will be using Mudsdale. The Pokemon?s ability to get through rough terrain has no equivalent HM and is a first for the series.


Sharpedo will be an upgraded version of Lapras. It?s a faster Poke Ride on water. Additionally, it?ll have the Rock Smash ability, so it can pass through huge rocks while on sea. Sharpedo will also have the ability to jump through obstacles.


To get a few hidden items scattered throughout Alola, players will be using the Stoutland Poke Ride. This Pokemon can sniff out items in the field.


Players got a hold of the Tauros Poke Ride in the Pokemon Sun and Moon demo. It?s a better version of Mudsdale as it can move faster. Like Sharpedo, it?ll be carrying the Rock Smash ability so players can use it to access blocked areas in the game.

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