Pokemon Sun And Moon Poke Beans: Where To Get The Pokemon Treats

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Pokemon Sun And Moon

The revamped Pokemon Amie in Pokemon Sun and Moon is Pokemon Refresh. Through this feature, players can groom their Pokemon and cure them of status effects. Additionally, players can feed their Pokemon some Poke Beans. The sweet treats are a limited supply, but where can one get Pokemon Sun and Moon Poke Beans?

From the beginning of the game, players will have six of each Poke Beans. These items can?t be purchased at any shops, so players shouldn?t be too trigger happy with giving out Poke Beans especially in the early parts of the game.

At the start, the only source of Poke Beans is the cafes. Cafes are always found at the left side of the Poke Center. By ordering any drinks, the barista will give players a handful of Poke Beans. The baristas will give out 10 of one Poke Bean type. However, the baristas will only give Poke Beans if the players order in that cafe for the first time. Until then, players need to save up on the treats.

Other Pokemon Sun And Moon Poke Beans Sources

Upon beating the Island Trial at the second island, players will be given access to the Charizard Poke Ride. This allows players to travel back to their past visited location. It will also give players access to Poke Pelago. Once players beat the second Island Trial, they?ll see the Poke Pelago option at the main menu. With the Poke Pelago map brought up, players will see a huge beanstalk at the middle. This can be tapped three times per day for more Poke Beans. More Poke Beans will drop with each upgrade.

Giving Pokemon Poke Beans often will give players a high affection rating with the Pokemon. If the affection rating is high, the Pokemon will get a few bonuses including higher critical hit chance, higher dodge rates and an EXP bonus.

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