Pokemon Sun And Moon Plot Leak: The Full Story And Ending Of The Game

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Pokemon Sun and Moon

Pokemon Sun and Moon content are being leaked left and right a few weeks before the game?s release. Other than the 7th Generation Pokemon data, the reveals have also reached Pokemon Sun and Moon plot leaks that cover the game?s beginning to ending. Here?s what we know about Pokemon Sun and Moon?s full story, according to the leaks.

Pokemon Sun and Moon?Story

According to rusyaas9?s thread on the Pokemon Reddit, the Pokemon Sun and Moon plot leaks start from the first Alola island to the fights inside the Ultra Wormhole. The thread also discusses the prologue events after the player defeats the main villain and the game?s epilogue events. Similar to previous Pokemon entries, players will have to deal with the game?s antagonist teams before they fight the region?s Pokemon League. Reading the thread is spoiler territory, so be sure to avoid it if you do not want to know any of Pokemon Sun and Moon?s story or be spoiled in any way.

Lusamine?s True Plan

In the game?s promotional material, the Aether Foundation leader Lusamine?s description is mostly about her trying to push a project for a haven of Pokemon. However, it?s been revealed that she has an obsession with the Ultra Beasts and is also working with the Team Skull Leader Guzma. Lusamine was willing to sacrifice Cosmog, a Pokemon, just to achieve her goal. Players get to fight her in the Ultra Dimension and take a shot at catching their game?s mascot rare Pokemon. Despite Lusamine and Guzma?s plans, not all members of Aether Foundation and Team Skull are evil or aligned with their leaders? agenda.


After clearing the Alola Pokemon League, players will still have a ton of stories to uncover about the other?characters in Aola. If players explore enough, they?ll uncover more info on the game?s NPCs like Mohn, Lillie, and Gladion after the Ultra Dimension and Alola Pokemon League events.?

If you want to enjoy reading the Pokemon Sun and Moon plot leaks on your own, you can read the full text of the game’s script here. Stay tuned to The BitBag for the latest Pokemon news.

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