Pokemon Sun and Moon: How Pikachu Lookalike Mimicyu Won The Internet Over

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Pokemon Sun and Moon

For some reason, Game Freak has been wanting to capitalize on Pikachu’s success by making various Pokemon with the same characteristics of the series? mascot. They have failed most of the time, but it seems like they have finally succeeded with Mimicyu, the newest creature from Pokemon Sun and Moon.

Mimicyu is a Ghost/Fairy type Pokemon with an actual Pikachu sheet, making it a more blatant copycat than other attempts. However, this one is intentional and emotional, as Mimicyu has taken on the form of Pikachu so that trainers would want to catch and be friends with it. Cue the tears from the Internet community.

This has led to plenty of fan art on Twitter and Tumblr that features Mimicyu. This might be the most Pokemon Sun and Moon fan art released since the Popplio Defense Squad showed up a few months ago, which shows that the new creature is being received well by fans.

It’s easy to see why Mimicyu has become such a hit with fans when CoroCoro revealed it, since everyone knows how hard it can be to make friends. Even today, it can be hard to talk to someone on the street, since almost everyone is so cynical these days. The fact that Mimicyu has to wear the face of a Pokemon that has proven to be friendly adds to the tragedy.

Adorable art from the Mazzlebee Tumblr.

Admittedly, it’s not the saddest Pokemon origin out there. Cubone misses its mom, so it wears her skull to remember her by. Yamask is a dead spirit that carries the face it used to have as a human. For a game marketed to kids, these are some ridiculously depressing stories that can be found in the Pokedex.

Still, Mimicyu has a story that anyone can definitely relate to and might even become an essential catch for fans who don’t want to leave it alone. It might not be as useful as Salandit in battle, but the fact that it is an interesting mix of fairy and ghost does make it one of the more interesting Pokemon out there.

Pokemon Sun and Moon are slated for a November 18 release. Only then can fans befriend Mimicyu.

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