Pokemon Sun And Moon Nuzlocke Challenge: How To Do The Challenge Run

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Pokemon Sun And Moon Nuzlocke Challenge

In hindsight, the Pokemon series is a particularly easy set of games. The competition only amps up when players begin getting into battles with others online or through local networks. Those looking for a challenge in the game might have heard of the Nuzlocke challenge. The famous challenge run is once again doable in the new entry, and here?s how to do the Pokemon Sun and Moon Nuzlocke challenge.

The Nuzlocke challenge originates from gen 3 of Pokemon and comes from a comic series of the same name. The rules change with each entry, depending on the features in the new game. Here are the basics of the Pokemon Sun and Moon Nuzlocke challenge in case players want a thrilling experience.

  • All Pokemon that faint should be placed permanently in the storage PC and must never be used again. These include the starters and Legendary Pokemon.
  • Players can only capture the first Pokemon they encounter in each map. If the Pokemon faints or flees, there are no second chances. If it?s a double battle, players can choose which of the two Pokemon to catch.
  • Players can only use Pokemon they?ve captured themselves. This means that Pokemon from Mystery Gifts, trade and others cannot be used.
  • No reloading or resetting should be done whatsoever regardless of what mistake the player makes.

Aside from giving the game a huge difficulty boost, it also creates a certain bond between the player and his Pokemon as each one is definitely precious. As such, it?s also a rule to give each Pokemon a nickname.

In Pokemon Sun and Moon, players can add a few more rules to make the challenge definitely harder.

  • When picking a starter, players will base on their ID. If it ends in 1-3, it?s Grass type; 4-6 is Fire type; 7-9 is Water Type.
  • Using Master Balls is prohibited.
  • No healing items must be used. Only Pokemon Centers are used for healing.

With these rules in mind, players will have a harder experience in Pokemon Sun and Moon.

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