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Pokemon Sun And Moon: No More Pokemon Gyms And Elite Four?

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The recent trailer for Pokemon Sun and Moon once again showed off the slew of new additions to the hit RPG franchise, and we?re slowly getting a glimpse of just how different the next game will be. A few things fans may have overlooked though are the signs that there may be no Pokemon Gyms and even an Elite Four in the upcoming title.

The new trailer highlighted several things including the Alola form of first gen Pokemon like Vulpix, Sandshrew and Exeggutor. It also revealed a few new Pokemon; the powerful Z-Attack and others. The trailer also revealed what looks to be a major plot point, which is completing the Island Challenge.

Past the three-minute mark of the trailer, Professor Kukui is seen talking to the player about how the Island Challenge is the feat of a Pokemon Trainer in becoming the very best in Alola. In past titles, being the best means players have to defeat the region?s Elite Four.

Completing the challenge requires the player to beat four Trial Captains, all of which have a type bias. For grass type, players will face Mallow, Lana for water type, Sophocles for electric type and Kiawe for fire type. ?At the end of each trial, players will face a Totem Pokemon which are buffed versions of Alola?s native Pokemon.

However, beating the Trial Captains doesn?t finish the game?s story as players will then have to face Alola?s Kahunas, one of which is Hala, who was seen in the first gameplay trailer for Pokemon Sun and Moon.

It?s likely that the Trial Captains are somewhat the Pokemon Gym leaders and the Kahunas are the Elite Four. We?re speculating that Alola is a region starting up on Pokemon Training, and the player might be subliminally tasked with creating the regions? Elite Four, with them at the helm.

It?s very odd for Game Freak to take out a core gameplay feature in the next Pokemon RPG, but we?re still impressed with what we?ve seen so far. While players are busy with Pokemon GO, Pokemon Sun and Moon is still worth getting hyped up about.

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