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Pokemon Sun & Moon News: Iwanko, Nekkoala Are Two New Playable Characters

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In Pokemon Sun and Moon news, reports indicate that there will be two new Pokemons. In an article by Crunchyroll, the two Pokemons are a rock-type puppy called Iwanko and the other is normaly-type Nekkoala.

Iwanko has Keen Eye and Vital Spirit abilities. While Nekkoala has a Definite Sleep ability making it invulnerable to any other status but sleep. Both of these Pokemons are non-starter Pokemons. It remains unclear though when these types will appear in the game. Crunchyroll speculates that they may be low-level monsters that one can encounter in the start of their Pokemon journey.

This information came into daylight as leaked images from CoroCoro magazine. If you are not familiar with CoroCoro, it is a japanese monthly magazine whose some properties like Pokemon and Doraemon became cultural phenomena in Japan. Also, these were quite successful as they crossovered to other nations and cultures hence the great interest in the upcoming Pokemon Sun and Moon game.

According to the Pokemon website, the Pokemon Sun and Moon will be the first games in the Pokemon series that will allow players to choose from nine languages to play in. This is an indication that Pokemon has become a worldwide craze nowadays. Aside from the release of these games and the new Pokemons, CoroCoro has also released new images for the upcoming Pokemon movie. This upcoming movie will feature Volcanion and Magearna.

According to an earlier report, Zygrade will make an appearance. It first appeared from Pokemon X and Y. It has been rumored to have multiple forms and his final form will be quite imposing-a Gundam-like look.

Pokemon Sun and Moon will be released later this year on November 18 for the 3DS. The game will be also be playable both on the new 3DS and the 2DS.

Are you excited for these new Pokemons? Are you pumped up for the upcoming movie as well? Leave your thoughts below.

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