Pokemon Sun And Moon: New Look For Alola Shiny Pokemon?

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Since it has become a tradition lately, fans are wondering if Pokemon Sun and Moon would have shiny versions. These ultra rare Pokemon usually have distinct differences in terms of appearance and stats. They aren’t just ?shiny? like the name suggests. One fan has decided to test the waters and see how some Alolan Pokemon would look like when they’re shiny.

Pokemon fan and YouTube user Verlisify took it upon himself to make the shiny versions of the Alolan Pokemon. These aren’t just the new Pokemon though. Some of them are the Kanto Pokemon that have been given Alolan versions. This includes the ice-type Vulpix and the fire/ghost-type Marowak, among others. The colors chosen for them are pretty neat and should be considered by Nintendo and Game Freak.

Alolan Shiny Pokemon

Fans should keep in mind that these are all fan-made. The colors chosen for each Pokemon are clever though. The ice-type Vulpix with its original colors and white fur looks great.

Of course, not all shiny Pokemon have drastically different color palettes. The fan realized this and showed a purple version of Litten, one of the starters for Pokemon Sun and Moon. Overall, some of these looks are solid. It will be interesting to see what the actual shiny Pokemon look like.

Color palettes for Mimikyu and Lunela were also revealed. Mimikyu had won the internet over due to its sympathetic backstory, so expect fans to catch it a lot. A shiny Lunela will definitely be rare since it’s the main legendary for Pokemon Moon.

What Is A Shiny Pokemon?

For those unfamiliar with the term, shiny Pokemon are essentially rare versions of regular Pokemon. Each shiny Pokemon has a different color scheme. Some have major differences while others have minor ones.?It’s become common among hardcore fans to look for these types of Pokemon, which won’t change with Pokemon Sun and Moon.

Before the term ?shiny? was made official, the Pokemon were originally called colored Pokemon. The term ?shiny? was actually coined by fans. The term was catchy though and became official in Pokemon Black and White for the DS.

Pokemon Sun and Moon are slated for a November 11 release. The game has a ton of new features, making it one of the more unique entries in the franchise.

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