Pokemon Sun and Moon: New Leak Reveals Alolan Raichu

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More Alolan versions of the original 151 keep popping up in Pokemon Sun and Moon. Previously, we saw the Alolan versions of Meowth and Marowak, who have now become a dark-type and fire/ghost-type, respectively. The most recent leak of the game has revealed Alolan Raichu, whose new abilities might actually make people evolve their Pikachu or at least catch more than one version of the cutie.

According to Poke Beach, the Alolan version of Raichu is now an electric/psychic type Pokemon. It’s a pretty big upgrade for the Pokemon since Raichu was a pure electric type in previous games and was often ignored by most players due to their love of its previous form Pikachu. That might change now that its Alolan form has been revealed.

Most fans know that Pikachu turns into Raichu via a Thunderstone. Fans need to level up their Pikachu first, since it doesn’t learn any new moves once it turns into Raichu. It will be interesting to see if Pokemon Sun and Moon will follow that rule since Raichu now has thunder and psychic capabilities. Does this mean Raichu can learn moves Pikachu can’t? Or can players merely give the evolved form psychic TM’s after evolving it with a Thunderstone? Only Nintendo knows.

It’s likely that we will see the official reveal of Alolan Raichu ? along with Alolan Marowak and Alolan Meowth ? sooner or later. These leaks usually mean that Nintendo is planning to release a video about the two games while also showing off some new Pokemon. While a number of new Pokemon were revealed, no new gameplay mechanics have been uncovered so far in the leaks, so the new trailer can’t come soon enough.

Will we see more Alolan Pokemon? Most likely. It’s one of the better concepts that Nintendo and Game Freak have come up with, making these two games a must play for newer fans of Pokemon, along with old-school fans who want to see what their old favorites will look like.

Pokemon Sun and Moon are slated for a November 18 release on the 3DS. It will likely be the best-selling game of that month for the handheld. A manga based on the game will be released in October.

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