Pokemon Sun And Moon: New Gameplay Features You Didn’t See In The Trailer

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Pokemon Sun and Moon

Fans continue to keep buzzing about Pokemon Sun and Moon. The most recent trailer gave fans a decent look at seven new Pokemon, along with the many forms of Zygarde. While there weren?t that many gameplay features shown in the video, some of the creatures had new abilities that were not in any of the previous Pokemon games.

The new special abilities are Dazzling, Berserk, Electric Surge, Battery and Comatose. Dazzling belongs to the new psychic/water Pokemon, which doesn?t let priority moves go first like they usually do. This will be very useful when you?re up against other Pokemon with moves like Quick Attack, which almost always go first.

Berserk belongs to the new dragon type Pokemon Drampa, who is quickly becoming everyone?s favorite in Pokemon Sun and Moon. The Berserk ability increases the creature?s Special Attack stat by 1 when its life is below half. This should be really useful against tough trainers, especially when the player reaches the Pokemon League.

Electric Surge is a brand new ability that belongs to the electric/fairy type Tapu Koko, and it might be a favorite of those who prefer electric type Pokemon. Electric Surge increases the damage of all electric-based moves like Thunderbolt and prevents Pokemon from sleeping. This increases the electric damage of all the Pokemon on the field though, so players should be wary of this ability when facing opponents with electric Pokemon.

Tapu Koko’s Electric Surge should be great for Electric-centric parties.

Battery, which currently belongs to Charjabug, has a simple function: empowering the party. This ability doesn?t have much of a use in regular battles but should be great in group fights. Since Charjabug looks like a legitimate battery, it will be interesting to see what other Pokemon have this ability.

Finally, we have the comatose ability, which belongs to the adorable Komala. The ability has the Pokemon in a constant drowsy state, but in return, it can?t be affected by paralysis or poison.

Gematsu stated that more details regarding gameplay would be released in the near future, but no tentative date was given. Pokemon Sun and Moon will be out on November 18 for the 3DS. Those who pre-order either game can get a steelcase.

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