Pokemon Sun And Moon: More New Gameplay Details On July 1

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Pokemon Sun And Moon

In a recent Twitter post, the official Pokemon site confirmed that they?ll release new Pokemon Sun and Moon details on July 1. The tweet didn?t confirm any specifics about the upcoming update, but it?s possible that we might see more in-depth gameplay details due to the nature of previous updates from The Pokemon Company. Here?s the tweet from the official Japanese Pokemon Twitter account.

According to IGN, the announcement will be made at around 10 PM in Japan, which is 6 AM PT/ 9AM ET/ 2PM in the UK. The content of this upcoming announcement is still a mystery as of now. The extensive reveal at E3 2016 ?and some minor Corocoro leaks revealed new battle systems and Pokemon creatures. It?s possible that this update may include other gameplay features such as new traveling choices and the return of extensive cosmetic appearance customization. Fans should monitor both the English and Japanese Pokemon channels on YouTube on July 1 if they want to get the update as early as possible.

Previously, the English Pokemon channel listed some new critters in Pokemon Sun and Moon and the Battle Royale mode. The new revealed Pokemon might be the starting wild Pokemon, as they follow the basic types commonly found in the early routes of a Pokemon entry. Meanwhile, Battle Royale introduces a four-player free-for-all match where each trainer brings out one Pokemon to engage any of the three other players. This new battle mode could either become a competitive Pokemon staple or simply a chaotic, turn-based brawl depending on how Nintendo and Game Freak execute the system.

Meanwhile, the Japanese Pokemon channel?s most recently uploaded video talks about the Pokemon XY & Z anime series. The video shows a promotion for an upcoming special feature film for the series. Fans should expect the new Pokemon Sun and Moon update to be uploaded here first instead of the English channel. Additionally, fans should check the ?game?s Reddit page to find relevant discussions on the day itself. We?ll cover this announcement on July 1, so be sure to check TheBitBag once the announcement goes up.

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