Pokemon Sun and Moon: All New Alola Pokemon Announced By Game Freak

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Pokemon Sun And Moon

We?re inching closer and closer to the launch of Pokemon Sun and Moon. The game is set to introduce a lot of new features to the franchise and it might be the best game in the series yet, which is fitting for a 20th anniversary title. Fans are just as excited for the next roster of Pokemon, and luckily, the Pokemon Company is generous enough to reveal new Pokemon regularly. There are four new revealed Pokemon in Pokemon Sun and Moon. Here they are.


This new Pokemon may look like a Water type, but it?s actually a Fighting Pokemon. It has Hyper Cutter/Iron Fist abilities to boot. Hyper Cutter is a very fitting ability for Fighting type Pokemon as it gives the Pokemon the ability to negate all attack debuffing moves. Iron Fist, on the other hand, will increase the power of punching moves, which is again, fitting for Crabrawler.


This cool Pokemon inspired by a sand castle is of Ghost and Ground type. It starts out as Sandygast but will later on evolve into a Palossand. Its ability is Water Compaction. This cool ability raises the defense of Sandygast/Palossand sharply.


This small Normal and Fighting type Pokemon is the base form Bewear. Its special ability include Fluffy and Klutz. The Fluffy ability isn?t new to the franchise. What it does is it halves the damage from moves that make contact, like Pummel. However, Pokemon with the Fluffy ability takes double damage from Fire attacks. Klutz, on the other hand, isn?t a good move as it prevents the effects of the item currently held by the Pokemon.

We?re slowly seeing the entirety of the Pokemon Sun and Moon roster, and the hype gets bigger with each reveal. Like the previous updates from Game Freak and Nintendo, we can expect a new one for the game as early as next month.

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