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Pokemon Sun And Moon: New Alola Forms We Might Get

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Pokemon Sun and Moon

Alola Forms is one of the new features exclusively coming to Pokemon Sun and Moon. It?s basically a Pokemon from the first Generation that now has a different appearance. The typing of these Pokemon are different from the original as well. We have the Alola Form of a few Pokemon for now including Meowth, Raichu, Exeggutor, and Marowak. Most of the trailers introduce a new Alola Form Pokemon, so fans are eagerly waiting for each reveal. Here are a few other Alola Forms to expect.


A Delibird Alola Form has been circulating in the rumor mill for a long time now. In terms of type, it?ll be a Water/Flying Pokemon with the Swift Swim ability. When it comes to appearance, Delibird will have a blue/white color palette and will be carrying a surfboard. The appearance does give a tropical vibe to it, perfect for the region of Alola.


This cool-looking possible Pokemon Alola Form discovered by YouTuber Pojiz swaps Alakazam?s Psychic typing with Fighting. Fans are possibly aching for this Pokemon to actually launch. The Alola Form Alakazam even carries nunchakus instead of spoons.


Another fan-favorite gen 1 Pokemon like Snorlax could be getting an Alola Form. We?ve seen a few fan favorites get the Alola Form treatment, so Snorlax?s isn?t impossible. We could even be getting a Snorlax that?s now wide awake instead of the usual sleepy one.


Eevee?s evolutions are also worth the wait in Pokemon Sun and Moon. There?s still a lot of typing that don?t have an Eeveelution yet, so fans are expecting new ones in Pokemon Sun and Moon. It?s possible that the Alola Form of Eevee could be another evolution of the fan favorite. Missing Eevee typings include Ghost, Poison, Steel, Fighting, Rock and many more.

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