Pokemon Sun And Moon: New 3DS And 3DS Differences [Video]

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After months of teases and a couple of days of leaks, Game Freak?s next Pokemon title is finally here for everyone to play. Pokemon Sun and Moon will be available for all Nintendo 3DS models and as usual, there will be a few differences on the different models. Here are the differences between the New 3DS and 3DS versions of the new Pokemon title.

Since the New 3DS launched last year, players have taken note of the differences of titles released for the handheld. As expected, Pokemon Sun and Moon will be different on the New 3DS and the old model of the 3DS.

Old 3DS Performs Slowly?

A few comparison videos about how the 3DS models run the game are already circulating online. This video by TiLMENDOMINATION reveals which model runs the game better.

Right from the start, there?s already a visible difference between the two models. The New 3DS runs Sun and Moon significantly faster than the old model. It takes the New 3DS only a couple of seconds to boot the game, while the old model loads it after a few seconds have passed.

When in the game, it?s apparent that the old 3DS models continues to lag behind the New 3DS when loading the game. However, the difference in loading is not that big as compared to booting up the game.

Aside from that, players can notice that the New 3DS will run the game with more vivid colors than the old model. But this is likely caused by the improvements of the device itself which includes a better screen.

The good is that there are no major differences between the two models. Titles like the Monster Hunter series often have visual differences when the game is ran on different 3DS models.

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