Pokemon Sun And Moon Move Relearner: Where To Find The ‘Move Reminder’ In Alola

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Pokemon Sun and Moon
Pokemon Sun and Moon

Getting a Pokemon to Elite Four level in Pokemon Sun and Moon is not as simple as grinding through countless encounters. Players still have to consider a lot of things including Nature, affection and of course, moves. In previous Pokemon titles, players will come across a Move Relearner in their journeys. There is one in Alola and she?s not that easy to find.

In Pokemon Sun and Moon, the Move Reminder, formerly known as Move Relearner, once again makes an appearance. This NPC will give players the chance to make a Pokemon relearn a move it once had at the expense of one particular item.

The Move Reminder can be encountered as early the first time players set foot in Ula?ula Island. Specifically, players will need to get to the Pokemon Center at the top of Mount Lanakila. The Move Reminder NPC will be at the right side of the Pokemon Center and is beside the Poke Mart.

In exchange for the service, players will need to give the Move Reminder one Heart Scale per transaction. Luckily, there?s an easy way to get Heart Scales in Alola. To get Heart Scales, players will simply need to visit the restaurant in Konikoni City at Akala Island. Players will then need to order the Special Z-Set for 1,040. After eating, the restaurant owner will give the player two Heart Scales every time. What?s good is that there?s no limit to how much Heart Scales the player can get.

The Move Reminder is a very important NPC especially later on in the game. Players will be able to plan out their Pokemon way easier, and it would prepare them from the Elite Four and the Region Champion. It?s also a good NPC to have if the player accidentally erases a move.

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