Pokemon Sun And Moon Mega Evolutions: What We Know So Far

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Mega evolution remains prominent in Pokemon Sun and Moon. They’re still an essential way to win difficult battles, which will mostly occur in multiplayer. Still, some interesting details about the feature have been revealed, via a number of leaks. Fans hoping for some new mega evolutions might be a bit disappointed since there don’t seem to be any.

It’s possible that Game Freak have hidden these files, but it’s doubtful as the full game has already been leaked online. Still, given the focus on newer features, it seems like mega evolutions will stay the same. Perhaps the starter Pokemon will have mega evolutions, but nothing has been confirmed. They do have Z moves though, which might be a solid bit of compensation.

Mega Depression

The mega evolutions have a Pokedex entry, and they might depress Pokemon Sun and Moon players. X and Y stated that mega evolution was a result of a Pokemon bonding with a trainer; simple and very effective. Fans will also remember how the Ash Greninja took mega evolution to a whole different level in the anime.

According to Kotaku, mega evolution now hurts Pokemon. Sometimes it does so in a physical way, other times it hurts their mental state. While fans are still looking forward to the game, these new entries are a bit worrisome. Perhaps the developers wanted to add some darkness to the series, but they may have overdone it.

What Else Is New?

Those that have been following the series know that depressing Pokedex entries is nothing new. Seeing them in Pokemon Sun and Moon shouldn’t be a surprise. That being said, having mega evolution cause pain to a Pokemon is incredibly disturbing. It might encourage fans to not use the feature since no one wants to hurt other Pokemon aside from battles.

Will future games in the series also have depressing Pokedex entries? Most definitely. At this point, it seems like depressing Pokedex entries are a running joke with the developers. To their credit, these entries are pretty creative, though they’re pretty sad.

Late Game

Game Freak has previously confirmed that Mega Evolutions will only be available after completing the storyline. Pokemon with Mega Evolutions can also use Z-moves.

Pokemon Sun and Moon will be available next week for the 3DS. Both games have version-specific Pokemon. The two games will also be playable on 2DS and the New 3DS.

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