Pokemon Sun And Moon: A More Mature Game?

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Game Freak?s Pokemon series has always been a game geared toward a younger audience. Despite its competitive nature, the themes of the games have always been for kids. After a few leaks, we?ve seen pretty much all there is to know about Pokemon Sun and Moon. Based on what we know so far, it seems like the game is geared toward a much mature audience now.

Pokemon Game For Adults?

With the all the leaks that surfaced for Pokemon Sun and Moon, players may have been more interested in the actual content of the game. A few Pokedex entries from the game seem to be darker than what we have seen in the past.

When Mimikyu was first revealed, fans felt a bit sorry for the Pokemon. Mimikyu ?tries its best to copy the appearance of a Pikachu in hopes of getting more affection from humans. Its official Pokedex entry states, ?A lonely Pok?mon, it conceals its terrifying appearance beneath an old rag so it can get closer to people and other Pok?mon.?

Redditor pikachuguy takes note of the entries for Mankey and Primeape. Due to its hostile nature, Mankey never has company. Its loneliness causes it to become even angrier. When it evolves to Primeape, it retains its nature and will only find happiness in death.

Furthermore, this concept art of Pollosand from Game Freak reveals the Pokemon swallowing a Pikachu. While the picture itself isn?t too sketchy, a few fans noted that Pikachu?s eyes are crossed out. When unconscious, Pokemon eyes are swapped with spirals. Fans are theorizing that the Pikachu is dead but not unconscious.

It?s pretty weird to see all these rather dark entries in the Pokedex and it certainly is not the norm for Game Freak to do so. It?s possible that Game Freak is finally embracing its much mature player base with the upcoming title.

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