Pokemon Sun and Moon: How To Use Masuda Method To Breed Shiny Pokemon

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Pokemon Sun and Moon is becoming more interesting with the passing days. The skilled players have described various methods to win the game. The most engaging thing in the game is that the Pokemon finding and hunting are much easier and faster when compared with the previous generation Pokemon.

Meanwhile, Nintendo has allowed its players to attend the utmost flexibility and unmatched experience with Pokemon Sun and Moon. Moreover, the player can even breed shiny Pokemon through different methods. One such method that is getting immense popularity is the Masuda method to breed a shiny Pokemon.

What you need for Masuda Method in Pokemon Sun and Moon

In Pokemon Sun and Moon, the trainers can use the Masuda method to breed a shiny Pokemon. Furthermore, the players can also?reset and swap Pokemon with a number of eggs that are needed to hatch the shiny Pokemon, according to idigitaltimes. These are the things you need to breed shiny Pokemon with Masuda method.

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  • A Ditto and Magikarp from foreign countries
  • An Everstone
  • Destiny Knot

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Masuda method to Breed Shiny Pokemon

It is the method which includes two Pokemon from the foreign country, Ditto, and Magikarp. Magikarp is used because it is the fastest egg spawner.

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To get the IVs, the player needs to equip Destiny Knot to Ditto. After equipping Destiny Knot, the player needs to equip Everstone to get the desired nature of the breed Pokemon. Then, he just needs to do:

  • Put the Ditto and Magikarp in the Nursery
  • Collect 30 eggs and hatch them.
  • One from the 30 must be a shiny Pokemon

In addition, if you are not able to get the desired shiny Pokemon, then swap Magikarp or Ditto and repeat the process.

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