Pokemon Sun And Moon Magearna: How To Get The Mythical Pokemon

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It is really hard to find Mythical Pokemon in any of Pokemon franchise games. You will need to get all the help you can find just to track down where they can be found. This includes the upcoming?Pokemon Sun and Moon.

With Pokemon Sun and Moon coming out in the market this week, players have to study and research all the data they can get their hands into to make their ?capture a mythical Pokemon? dream a reality. But first, you have to know the Pokemon itself.


Pokemon Sun and Moon have many new Pokemon that the players can capture. One of them is Magearna. Magearna is a Steel/Fairy type Pokemon that was introduced in the generation 7 which are known as ?Artificial Pokemon.?

According to the official?website?of the game, Magearna is a ?Mythical Pokemon? that has the power to perceive the emotions, thoughts and feelings of other Pokemon. For example, if a Pokemon is injured, Magearna can feel its pain and suffering and will try its best to save the hurt Pokemon.

Magearna?s body in Pokemon Sun and Moon is the spherical construction in its chest called ?Soul-Heart,? created by scientists who gathered life energy from Pokemon. This is also the name of its ability. The said ability has the effect of raising Magearnas? Special Attack by 1 point each time another Pokemon near it faints.

How To Get Magearna

Pokemon Sun and Moon’s Magearna is considered an in-game gift of the game to the players.?Magearna can be obtained?by scanning a special QR code using the QR scanner of the game. You can see the full list of QR codes here.?

After scanning the code, visit the antique shop in ?Hau?oli City? shopping mall. There you would be able to get Magearna and add it to your team.

Now that you know how to find Pokemon Sun and Moon’s Magearna, you can finally add it to your collection of mystical Pokemons. You can now cross this one off your Pokemon list.

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