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Pokemon Sun And Moon Livestream: Where To Watch The August 1 Update And What To Expect

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Pokemon Sun and Moon

Pokemon fans may have gotten a bit too caught up with all the hype from Pokemon GO, and they may have forgotten that the release of the next gen Pokemon RPG, Pokemon Sun and Moon, is finally drawing near. Game Freak and The Pokemon Company have more details to share to us sometime within this day, and we?re expecting a lot more information later on. Here?s where you can watch the Pokemon Sun and Moon livestream and what you can expect from it.

Where To Watch The Juicy New Details

As with the game?s past updates, fans can easily tune in to the official YouTube account of The Pokemon Company if the update will come in the form of another trailer, which is very likely. The update will come at 6 a.m. PT/ 9 a.m. ET, so tune in to The Pokemon Company to get more details on the features of the upcoming Pokemon Sun and Moon.

What Will The Trailer Have?

Game Freak hasn?t disappointed fans with its slew of trailers yet, and the next one is expected to introduce more features to the game. One of the highly speculated features of Pokemon Sun ?and Moon is the acclaimed Burst Evolution, which has been the talk in forums and of fans worldwide.

We can also expect a batch of gen 7 Pokemon in the upcoming Pokemon Sun and Moon livestream, as the previous video showed off a lot of the newcomers to the series. With the cover Pokemon, starters and basic Pokemon already revealed, Game Freak might finally show off Magearna in the game. As with past Pokemon titles, other Legendary Pokemon are expected.

Fans can also expect to see a lot more of Alola in the Pokemon Sun and Moon livestream. Game Freak did a good job with the region, and there may be a lot of secrets in it that we?ve yet to know.

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