Pokemon Sun And Moon Legendaries Overview: Where And How To Catch Legendary Pokemon

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pokemon sun and moon legendaries

Pokemon Sun and Moon launches today and there are a ton of new Pokemon being introduced in generation 7. There are a lot of interesting Pokemon to capture and train like the Ultra Beasts, the starters and many more. But as always, the most sought after Pokemon are the Legendaries. Here?s an overview of the Pokemon Sun and Moon Legendaries and Mythical Pokemon.

Solgaleo And Lunaala

These two are the cover Pokemon for Pokemon Sun and Moon: Solgaleo for Sun and Lunaala for Moon. These two Pokemon Sun and Moon Legendaries can be acquired by progressing in the game, but there?s another way of getting them. As always, the only way that players can get the two Legendaries in one version game is through trading.


Once players finish the game, they can get a special Pokemon called Cosmog. If players do a specific set of tasks, they can get Cosmog in their party. Cosmog evolves into Cosmoem, which then evolves into the cover Pokemon depending on what version the player has.


Marshadow was previously considered the third Legendary Pokemon in the game. It?s like Zygarde in Pokemon X and Y. For now, we?ve yet to know how to catch this mysterious creature, but its stats have?already been leaked online.


Fans believe that Nekrozma is more than just an Ultra Beast. It?s basically confirmed that Nekrozma is the third Legendary. One of the key signs that it?s a Legendary is that it has a different ability from the other Ultra Beasts.


Zygarde is the Legendary Pokemon expected to headline Pokemon Z. However, it seems that it?ll star in Pokemon Sun and Moon instead. To get Zygarde, players will need to collect Zygarde Cells and Cores. To get Zygarde?s Full Forme, players will need to collect 100 Zygarde Cells.


Another Pokemon joining the game is Magearna. This Pokemon is a Mythical Pokemon like Mew and Celebi. To get Magearna, players will need to scan its QR code. After that, players will need to visit an antique shop in Hau?Oli city.

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