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Pokemon Sun and Moon Leaks: Full New Pokemon List, Full Buff & Nerf List, New Abilities, New Moves

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Pokemon Sun and Moon Leaks
Pokemon Sun and Moon Leaks

Pokemon Sun and Moon Leaks are running wild all over the internet! It appears the number of Data Miners and their leaks have grown exponentially these past few days. There?s so much info coming out right now, it’s actually getting hard to keep track on all of it!

But you?re here on this article now and like the great Pokemon Trainer that you are, you just need to catch them (leaks) all! Bad jokes aside, we have some great Pokemon Sun and Moon Leaks for you!

What do we have? We have a list of all of the new Pokemon, all of the changes to old Pokemon Moves, all of the new Pokemon Moves, and all of the new moves. And it?s all thanks to our shrouded heroes, the Pokemon Dataminers! And this info comes from the users; Zero and Guy.

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Due to the length of all of the data, we will just be focusing on the highlights. Now be amazed with all the new info as you scroll down.

Pokemon Sun and Moon Leak

New Pokemon

Lycanroc (Day)
Lycanroc (Night)
Wishiwashi (School)
Minior (Shield)
Minior (Core)
Tapu Koko
Tapu Lele
Tapu Bulu
Tapu Fini
Raticate (A)
Raichu (A)
Sandslash (A)
Ninetales (A)
Persian (A)
Golem (A)
Muk (A)
Exeggutor (A)
Marowak (A)
Dugtrio (A)
Zygarde 10%
Zygarde 100%

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Pokemon Sun and Moon

Pokemon Move Changes

ArbokAtk +10 – 85 -> 95
AriadosSp. Def +10 – 60 -> 70
BearticN/A -> Slush Rush
Atk +20 – 110 -> 130
BellossomLearns Quiver Dance
ChimechoHP +10 – 65 -> 75, Def +10 – 70 -> 80, Sp. Def +10 – 80 -> 90
CorsolaHP +10 – 55 -> 65, Def +10 – 85 -> 95, Sp. Def +10 – 85 -> 95
CrustleAtk +10 – 95 -> 105
CryogonalHP +10 – 70 -> 80, Def +20 – 30 -> 50
DelcattySpe +20 – 70 -> 90
DodrioSpe +10 – 100 -> 110
Learns Swords Dance and Jump Kick
DugtrioAtk +20 – 80 -> 100
ElectrodeSpe +10 – 140 -> 150
EnteiFlash Fire -> Inner Focus
ExeggutorSp. Def +10 – 65 -> 75
Farfetch’dAtk +25 – 65 -> 90
FlygonLearns Dragon Dance
GengarLeviate -> Cursed Body
GigalithN/A -> Sand Stream
IllumiseDef +20 – 55 -> 75, Sp. Def – 75 -> 85
LunatoneHP +20 – 70 -> 90
MagcargoHP +10 – 50 -> 60, Sp. Atk +10 – 80 -> 90
MantineHP +20 – 65 -> 85
Learns Roost
MasquerainSp. Atk +20 – 80 -> 100, Spe +20 – 60 -> 80
NoctowlSp. Atk +10 – 76 -> 86
Learns Moonblast
PelipperN/A -> Drizzle
Sp. Atk +10 – 85 -> 95
QwilfishDef +10 – 75 -> 85
RaikouVolt Absorb -> Inner Focus
SharpedoLearns Psychic Fangs
SolrockHP +20 – 70 -> 90
StoutlandLearns Psychic Fangs
SuicuneWater Absorb -> Inner Focus
SwellowSp. Atk +25 – 50 -> 75
TorkoalN/A -> Drought
VanilluxeN/A -> Snow Warning
VolbeatDef +20 – 55 -> 75, Sp. Def – 75 -> 85
WormadamLearns Quiver Dance

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New Ability Database

Long ReachThese Pokemon’s moves will not make contact
Liquid VoiceAll of these Pokemon’s sound based moves will become Water type
StakeoutUser deals twice the amount of damage if opposing Pokemon just switched in
DancerIf another Pokemon uses a dancing move(Dragon Dance, Quiver Dance) then the Pokemon will use the same move right after
SchoolingChanges Wishiwashi into it’s school form. Reverts back when user HP drops to 25% or lower
MercilessWhen attacking the oppnent’s Pokemon if they are poisoned, this Pokemon attack will always result in a Critical Hit
StaminaIncreases Physical Defense by 1 when hit
Water BubbleFire Type moves are weakened and user can not get burned
CorrosionAllows user to Poison any pokemon, including Steel and Poison types
FluffyHaves damage from moves that make contact(Includes Grass Knot) but in return this Pokemon is weak to Fire.
Queenly MajestyThis Pokemon is unnaffected by priority moves
TriageAll healing moves gain the highest priority
ReceiverInherits the ability of a fallen ally Pokemon
Emergency ExitWhen users HP drops below half, it flees from battle/swaps out
Water CompactionIncreases Defense by two stages when hit by water moves
Innards OutInflicts damage taken the turn fainted onto the oppsion Pokemon
RKS SystemUsers type changes based on what Memory(pretty much plates) the user is holding
Shields DownUnable to get Statused and causes user to change form when HP drops to 50%
ComatoseUser is unable to get poisoned, burned, or paralyzed
DisguiseUser gains a subsitute when first switched in
Dazzlinguser is immune to all priority moves
BeserkSpecial attack is increased when HP drops to 50%
SteelworkerSteel moves are boosted
Electric SurgeCauses Electric Terrain to appear
Psychic SurgeCauses Psychic Terrain to appear
Grass SurgeCauses Grassy Terrain to appear
Misy SurgeCauses Misty Terrain to appear
Full Metal BodyClear Body
Shadow ShieldMultiscale
Soul HeartIncreases Special Attack by 1 stage when any pokemon on the field faint
Beast BoostUsers most proficient stat(highest stat) is raised when user knocks out a Pokemon
Power of AlchemyPokemon copies the Ability of a defeated ally
GalvanizeElectric Pixilate(30% Boost to Normal moves which become Electric)
Tangling HairGooey
Prism ArmorFilter/Solid Rock
Surge SurferDoubles Speed in Electric Terrain


New Moves

AccelerockRock40PhysicalHas increased priority like Ice Shard
Shore UpGroundStatusHeals half of max hp; heals more in sand
First ImpressionBug90PhysicalOnly works first turn the user is in battle;+2 priority
Baneful BunkerPoisonStatusUser protects if self;poisons any attacker that makes contact
Spirit ShackleGhost80PhysicalIf hit, the opposing Pokemon is unable to switch out
Dark LariatDark85PhysicalUser ignore oppontents stat changes
Sparkling AriaWater90SpecialUser cures the target’s burn status
Ice HammerIce100PhysicalUsers Speed is lowered by 1
Floral HealingFairyStatusUser heals target’s HP by half of its max HP. Heals more in Grassy Terrain
High HorsepowerGround95PhysicalN/A
Strength SapGrassStatusUser restores HP by the amount of the targets attack. Lowers targets attack by 1 after
Solar BladeGrass125PhysicalUser uses 1 turn to charge up then unleashes attack the next.
SpotlightNormalStatusMakes it so the target can only be attack for the turn;+3 Priority
Toxic ThreadPoisonStatusPoisons the target and lowers their speed by 1
Laser FocusNormalStatusThe move used the turn after this move is used will always results in a crit
Gear UpSteelStatusRaises Attack and Special attack of ally with the Plus or Minus ability
Throat ChopDark80PhysicalThe target will be unable to use sound moves for the next 2 turns
Pollen PuffBug90SpecialIf the targer is your ally, it will heal them instead of damage them
Anchor ShotSteel80PhysicalIf hit, the opposing Pokemon is unable to switch out
Psychic TerrainPsychicStatusProtects gounded pokemon from Priority moves and powers up Psychic moves for 5 turns
LungeBug80physicalLowers target attack stat
Fire LashFire80PhysicalLowers targets defense stat
Power TripDak20PhysicalThe more stat boosts this Pokemon has the stronger the attack is
Burn UpFire130SpecialUser loses its fire typing after use;what typing it changes into is unknown
Speed SwapPsychicStatusUser swaps speed stats with the target
Smart StrikeSteel70PhysicalThis move never misses
PurifyPoisonStatusUser heals targets status condition. If succesful, user also heals its HP
Revelation DancerFire/Electric/Psychic/Ghost90SpecialThis moves type is based on the user’s type
Core EnforcerDragon100SpecialIf the target is already damaged, this move eliminates its ability
Trop KickGrass70PhysicalLowers target’s attack stat
InstructPsychicStatusUser instruct target to use the same move again in the same turn
Beak BlastFlying100PhysicalUser heats up its beak at the start of its turn. If a Pokemon hits the userwhile it is heating up, they get burned
Clanging ScalesDragon110SpecialUsers Defense is lowered
Dragon HammerDragon90PhysicalN/A
Brutal SwingDark60PhysicalHits all adjacent Pokemon
Aurora VeilIceN/AStatusThis move reduces the power of physical and special moves by half for 5 turns.Only works in hail
Shell TrapFire150SpecialIf user is hit by a physical move while using this, it will unleash great damage
Fleaur CannonFairy130SpecialLowers the users Special Attack(Like Draco Meteor)
Psychic FangsPsychic85PhysicalBreaks Light Screen and Reflect
Stomping TantrumGround75PhysicalPower doubles if users previous move failed
Shadow BoneGhost85PhysicalLowers targets defense by 1
LiquidationWater85PhysicalMay lower the targets defense by 1
Prismatic LaserPsychic160SpecialUser is unable to move the following turn
Spectral ThiefGhost90PhysicalUser steals targets stat changes then attacks
Sunsteel StrikeSteel100PhysicalUser ignores target’sstat changes
Moongeist BeamGhost100SpecialUser ignores target’s stat changes
Tearful LookNormalStatusUser lowers targets Attack and Special Attack
Zing ZapElectric80PhysicalMay flinch
Nature’s MadnessFairySpecialDeals half of the targes current HP
Multi-AttackNormal90PhysicalThis moves type is based on the user’s held item(Memory Items)

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