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Pokemon Sun And Moon Leaks: Complete Pokedex, Starters & Legendaries Revealed? What We Know So Far

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Pokemon Sun and Moon Leak

Pokemon Sun and Moon is surely one of the most anticipated games which is to be launched soon. The upcoming game is scheduled to be released on November 18 and Pokemon fans are surely very excited. While there have not been many official details about the game, fans have been lucky because of the many Pokemon Sun and Moon leaks which have surfaced the past few weeks. This has given them more information as to what they can expect in the exciting new Pokemon game.

Pokemon Sun and Moon has been met with a ton of hype from Nintendo 3DS fans. The latest Pokemon game is expected to be amazing and will be featuring some brand new Pokemon and gameplay that will have every Pokemon fan hooked.

With fans excited about the new game, let us find out all the details that have been revealed thanks to the Pokemon Sun and Moon leaks.

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  • Complete Pokedex ? While the game has not yet released, data miners have been hard at and they have revealed the complete Pokedex entries of Pokemon Sun and Moon. It is part of the huge text file of all the in-game texts in Pokemon GO. If you want to check out the complete list, you can head over to Project Pokemon.

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  • Starter Pokemon ? The starter Pokemon in the game have also been revealed. Much like previous Pokemon games, there is one grass-type, one fire-type and one water-type starter Pokemon. Rowlet is the grass/flying type Pokemon and has a starting move of Leafage. Litten is the fire type Pokemon and its starting move is Ember. The water-type Pokemon on the other hand is Popplio which has a starting move of Water Gun.

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  • Legendaries ? The legendary Pokemon in Pokemon Sun and Moon have also been revealed. IGN cites that the legendary Pokemon in Pokemon Sun is Solgaleo while the one in Pokemon Moon is Lunala. These two Pokemon appear on the cover art of each game and fans surely cannot wait to catch these legendaries in Pokemon Sun and Moon.

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These are just some of the details that we know about Pokemon Sun and Moon so far. Be sure to check back here soon as we will give you more news and updates on Pokemon Sun and Moon as well as on other great games releasing soon.

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