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Pokemon Sun & Moon Leak: Why Mantine Is Now One Of The Best Pokemon In The Game

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Pokemon Sun & Moon Leak
Pokemon Sun & Moon Leak

Pokemon Sun &?Moon Leaks are everywhere, thanks to the benevolent hard work of our shady data-mining brethren. And thanks to their efforts, we are already learning so much that reading info might just sap most, if not all your surprising moments in the game. And yes, this article will have some spoilers just as most leaks, so turn back now or forever hold your peace.

Of all the info that?s been leaked out these past weeks, the most complicated to dissect would be the buffs and nerfs. The main reason is that there is just so many changes to the old roster. It looks like Game Freak noticed a good number of Pokemon being neglected entirely in the older titles while some Pokemon such as Greninja were always in the spotlight.

Not to mention, a good number of broken metas rose in the old game. Metas with some pretty specific team composition and skill set strategies. So much for diverse Pokemon teams and gameplays.

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Mantine Is OP Now

Mantine will be in the spotlight for this article. Why? Well, from all the Pokemons who received buffs, it appears Gamefreak has greatly favored this mantaray Pokemon this time around.

Mantine?s buffs & possible skill rotations are pretty ridiculous. First off, Mantine has a whopping 20 point increase in Hit Points and has a total of 140 Special Defense points.

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As for skills, it gets Roost and Scald. Having these great defensive stat buffs on a Pokemon that can combo use Roost and Scald as a broken combo. That?s a lot of sustained damage over time and great tanking potential.


Master Staller

We?re not yet done still has many great skills up its sleeves. Mantine also has Confuse Ray, Amnesia, and Haze. You can essentially rotate burn and confusion on enemies while being able to defend against status ailments with Haze.

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Add in his monstrous HP and defence, and you essentially have the best stalling Pokemon in the game. Mantine has always served this niche in the past but it was never this broken. Expect more Mantines in Pokemon Sun and Moon, and you definitely would want one as well. And if you want more info on Mantine then check out his data on here.

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