Pokemon Sun and Moon Leak Videos Removed By Nintendo As Release Date Nears!

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Pokemon Sun and Moon

Recently, some Pokemon Sun and Moon leak videos have been pulled out from YouTube. Game Freak may finally have struck the Pokemon Sun and Moon leaks posted online. Here?s what we know so far about the issue.

Leaks Struck?

One of the?Pokemon Sun and Moon leak videos from Kaphotics cannot be accessed anymore. Similar to Verlisify?s leak videos, the video was set to private to avoid anybody else from accessing it. These two are just some of the YouTubers who posted details about the full game. Nintendo of America have clearly struck the leaked videos with a copyright claim.

However, it seems that not all Pokemon Sun and Moon leak videos weren?t all struck by Nintendo of America. The demo datamine videos are still functional in several YouTuber’s channels. It?s possible that Nintendo is just targeting?the leaks that came from the full version of the title.

Damage Done

Despite the leak copyright strikes, the information has already been posted on the internet for a few days. Some Pokemon fans may already have full copies of the information which they could use for their own progress or to spoil other people. However, we?ll have to wait for the game?s release to confirm if the Pokemon Sun and Moon ROMs circulating online is also the release version.

Pokemon Sun and Moon Information So Far

As per the leaks, the players hold almost all the external and internal information of the game.?Players already have map layouts and know what the Overworld looks like in an actual 3DS unit. Additionally, Alola Pokemon stats were also released which could guide the players on good Pokemon picks early on. The 7th Generation Starter Pokemon have been confirmed to have low Speed stats, but other choices are available in the region to fix that.

For now, the Pokemon Sun and Moon leaks may have prepared its fans on efficiently playing the game. Meanwhile, players who dodged these leaks may enjoy seeing things for the first time. Game Freak’s upcoming game will be out?this coming Friday, November 18.?

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