Pokemon Sun And Moon Leak: Ultra Beasts Stats Revealed In New Leak

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Pokemon Sun and Moon Leak

Pokemon Sun and Moon will introduce a handful of new Pokemon that make up the 7th generation. There are a lot of new and exciting Pokemon but none of which are as mysterious as the Ultra Beasts. The unique creatures ?are yet to be detailed by Game Freak but thanks to a new Pokemon Sun and Moon leak, we now have a closer look at the 8 Ultra Beasts in the game.

The latest Pokemon Sun and Moon leak?by Kaphotics reveal the 8 Ultra Beasts in the game. Along with the Pokemon models are their stats and possibly their names.


This is one of the first Ultra Beasts in the game. Also known as UB-01, Nihiligo carries Poison/Rock typing. It has exceptional HP and special attack and special defense.



Also known as UB-02 Absorption, Buzzwole has Bug/Fighting typing. Additionally, it also has ?an exceptional attack and defense.



Referred to by Game Freak as UB-02 Beauty, Pheromosa also has Bug/Fighting typing. However, this Ultra Beast carries very high attack, speed and special attack stats.



This Ultra Beast has Electric typing. It?s the one of two Ultra Beast with a single typing. It?s base stats are also a bit low but it does carry a very exceptional base special attack stat.



Celesteela has Steel/Flying typing. Out of all the Ultra Beast, it has the most balanced stats. However, it carries a significantly low base speed stat.



This Grass/Steel Ultra Beast carries the most damage. It has 181 base attack. However, it has really low HP and special defense, making it vulnerable to a wide array of moves.



Guzzlord will have Dark/Dragon typing and will be the most durable Ultra Beast. It has a really impressive HP stat that goes well with its high attack and special attack stat.



Necrozoma only has Psychic typing. Like Celesteela, Necrozoma has a pretty balanced base stat. It?s also the only Ultra Beast without the Beast Boost ability. Instead, it has Prism Armor that lessens the damage of super effective attacks.


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