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Pokemon Sun & Moon Leak: New Official Legendary & 3 New Ultra Beasts Leaked [PHOTOS]

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Pokemon Sun & Moon Leaks
Pokemon Sun & Moon Leaks

Pokemon Sun & Moon Leaks are flooding everywhere and everyone is just eating up all of the great new info that?s coming out. It?s all thanks to the numerous and anonymous data miners on both Reddit and 4Chan.

Too bad the new release of leaks coming from 4Chan and Reddit have made most people forget about our original source of ground breaking Pokemon Sun and Moon leaks (CoroCoro). And it looks like CoroCoro has no plans of losing to all these new leakers trying to get their 10 seconds of Internet fame.

CoroCoro has recently released some big and exciting news that apparently, the great dataminers have missed. What is it? Three news Ultra Beasts and a new Legendary Pokemon! And we have the photos.

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Ultra Beasts

The Ultra Beasts are described as mysterious powerful creatures who can pose a great threat to people. Not much is known about the Ultra Beasts, even their names have been hidden and replaced with code names such as: UB-01, UB-02 Absorption, and UB-02 Beauty.

And now CoroCoro has revealed another three new Ultra Beasts. First is UB-05, dubbed Gluttony. Gluttony is a dark-looking creature that resembles a giant pumpkin with two giant arms coming out of what appears to be its mouth.

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The next two Ultra Beasts are more mysterious than Gluttony. No hints are given on their Ultra Beast number or name. At the same time, there is a prevalent speculation that the two Ultra Beasts are set to only exist on their respective versions of the game. One would be on Pokemon Sun, while the other will be on Moon.

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A New Legendary

And if the great reveal of three new Ultra Beasts wasn?t enough, a Pokemon that appears to be a Legendary has also been revealed. The creature is a large dark prism-like Pokemon. Not much is known about it for the meantime but speculations are prevalent.

Many believe it will be a Psychic type considering the other two Legendary Pokemon are Psychic types. Whatever type this Pokemon will turn out to be, everyone already has big expectations for it, strength-wise, and power-wise.

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