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Pokemon Sun & Moon Leak: Mega Evolve & Attack Before Turn Ends [VIDEO LEAK] Speed Buffs Are Applied On First Turn, New Battle Strategies Soar

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Pokemon Sun & Moon Leak

It?s been weeks and the Pokemon leaks are still coming in by the dozen every day. We?ve experienced months of drought when it came to Pokemon leaks, with only basic tidbits coming out each week, but we can barely keep track of all the great stuff coming out at any given moment.

In this article, we?ll be focusing on some changes in the mega evolution?s dynamics and also the great speed buffs. This was all raised after a recent 4chan video gave some game changing info.

Mega-Evolution Battle Strategies Will Change

Pokemon who mega-evolve can now use their ability during the same turn! This was all confirmed by a leaked video on 4chan. Scroll down below to see the the whole video.

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The video shows a Banette mega-evolving and then uses its Prankster ability on the same turn. This is a big game changer as this was never possible in the previous titles.

This new dynamic opens up a whole new range of strategies to be exploited. This also means the dawn of a new age of metas; expect more Mega Banette’s this year.

Another inexplicit buff has also been added on the long list of changes by this new game dynamic. Mega-evolved pokemon can now gain all the benefits of their mega-evolved form on the same turn.
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This too changes the game dynamic because many Pokemon will now be able to leverage on the massive stat boosts of their mega-evolved forms. This will all inevitably make so many new strategies during the first moments of mega-evolution.


Speed Buffs

One of the biggest buffs in most mega-evolved Pokemons is their new speed. Many of them received a big speed boost.

Beedrill is getting one of the biggest speed boosts in the game. And former slower, mega-evolved Pokemons such as Alakazam will also get a speed buff good enough to help them deal with the likes of Greninja.

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There are some Pokemon who actually received speed nerfs, but this is mainly because they?ve been made more tankier with an increase of Defense. So far, the roster doesn?t look very balanced with some mega-evolved Pokemons flaunting bigger advantages over the others.

However, the overall strength increase in all mega-evolved Pokemon has been big. This further increases the gap between normal and mega-evolved Pokemon.

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