Pokemon Sun and Moon July 1 Reveal: New Trailer And What To Expect

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Pokemon Sun and Moon

While fans wait for the big Pokemon Sun and Moon July announcement at 6am PDT, Nintendo has decided to reveal a part of it with a new trailer that showcases seven new Pokemon that players will be able to catch. The images were originally leaked, so it seems like the company did the next best thing and release a nice big trailer featuring the new critters.

Each Pokemon shown thus far have ranged from unique to very odd. Charjabug might have a cringe-worthy name, but the electric/bug-type Pokemon looks like an awesome combination of truck and army base. Polygon said that Drampa might have the best design of the bunch, and it is hard to disagree since dragons always look amazing. Daenerys Targaryen would be jealous.

Aside from those two, Pokemon Sun and Moon also have Cutiefly, a flying/fairy Pokemon that lives up to its name by being really cute. Tapu Koko, who looks like a really angry bug warrior, is an electric/fairy type, showing that fairy Pokemon don?t always have to look cute or dainty.

There is also Togedemaru, a Pikachu ripoff that happens to be electric/steel and adorable as well. We also have Vikavolt, an electric/bug-type and Bruxish, a dazzling water/psychic Pokemon that would make most people colorblind.

It is nice to see such a diverse lineup of Pokemon, though we?re still quite a few months away from the big game release. It will be interesting to see the new gameplay details that will be announced, though some fans think that island travel will become one of the bigger features in the games.

Fans can expect more reveals as the months go on, since Nintendo and Game Freak usually plan 100 or so new creatures for each installment. Pokemon Sun and Moon probably won?t stray from this formula, though fans can expect a few odd designs here and there, since not all Pokemon can be perfect.

Pokemon Sun and Moon are slated for a worldwide release on November 18. Fans can pre-order a very special steelcase edition for either game, which is something 3DS titles have not done before, so it is clear that Nintendo is taking the games seriously.

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