Pok?mon Sun and Moon IV Tips: Why You Can Focus On One Pokemon

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Pokemon Sun and Moon IV

In the previous Pokemon entries, players had to repeatedly breed Pokemon if they want to get a Pokemon?s perfect Individual Value stat. However, the Pokemon Sun and Moon IV systems now have a way to control a Pokemon?s Individual Values when it hits level 100. Here?s what we know so far on why you can focus on one monster in Pokemon Sun and Moon.

Pokemon Caps

According to Hytheter?s thread on the Pokemon Reddit, Pokemon Sun and Moon players have the ?Hyper Train? system that allows them to set Pokemon Sun and Moon IVs to maximum using Bottle Caps. The preferred Pokemon needs to be maxed out to level 100 for them to be Hyper Trained. Meanwhile, Bottle Caps come in either one IV stat or all IV stat versions. Hyper Training allows players to have their maxed Pokemon have optimal IVs.

Saving Time

Usually, players will have to go through repeated Egg Breeding if they want to get the best IV stats for their Pokemon. Players spend a large amount of time of Egg breeding to get the best IV stats for their preferred Pokemon. More than IVs, players also have a preferred Pokemon Nature for its stat bonuses. Perfect Pokemon Sun and Moon IVs and Pokemon Nature only happen by chance. The game’s??Hyper Train? system may be able to fix this tedious cycle of Egg breeding and just let players focus more on fighting.

Each Stat counts

At first, Pokemon Sun and Moon IVs may look insignificant in the beginning of the game. Along with Effort Values, IVs often become the tiebreaker of more difficult fights especially in Battle Tree and competitive PvP. For example, a Speed stat advantage always secures first turns. Meanwhile, Health and Defense stats may improve the chance on your Pokemon barely holding on for one more hit. Additionally, high Attack stats could easily defeat enemies faster. Players should always remember that Pokemon relies on numbers, battle systems and turn use rather than active combat due to its turn-based battles. Players who have a command of the Pokemon systems will definitely have an edge in battle.

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