Pokemon Sun and Moon: How Important Will Zygarde Be?

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Pokemon Sun and Moon

The release of Pokemon Sun and Moon is still a few months away, but that hasn?t stopped fans from being excited about the two 3DS releases. While most of the excitement comes from the new Pokemon that were released in the new trailer, a bunch of it also has to do with the renewed importance of Zygarde, with some wondering how important the legendary will be in the two games.

A Reddit user has an interesting theory that Zygarde could be with the player from the very beginning of the two games, or at least be seen by the trainer. From there, players might receive one of the cells necessary to bring Zygarde to his fighting form.

The end might also have Zygarde taking on one of the legendaries in the Pokemon Sun and Moon box art. One of the legendaries might be possessed by Marshadow, so Zygarde will have to reach his 100 percent form Dragon Ball Z-style and take out Marshadow once and for all. The user admitted that this sounds like post-game content rather than parts in the regular story, but that wouldn?t be a problem.

While it?s just a theory, it is a fairly interesting one that could differentiate the two games from the typical Pokemon formula that has dominated the series. Judging from the trailer, it already has some of the series? signature tropes, so this could be an interesting way to do something different with the formula.

Zygarde’s ultimate form

Zygarde first appeared in X and Y as one of the multiple legendaries that the player can catch after they have beaten the Pokemon League. At the time, Zygarde wasn?t really anything special, but recent events involving the anime and movies have pushed the creature into a big position in the series. His complex transformations don?t hurt either, as Zygarde can be a dog, a serpent and a warrior, all of which can deal major damage in the battlefield.

Pokemon Sun and Moon are slated for a November 18 release on the 3DS. The games will also be playable on the 2DS and New 3DS. Gamers who pre-order the title can get a steelcase version of either game, which is rare for a 3DS title.

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