Pokemon Sun and Moon: Hyper Training, Online Competitions, And New 7th Gen Pokemon Showcased

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Pokemon Sun and Moon

While most smartphone users are enjoying some exploits of Pokemon GO, 3DS users have the upcoming Pokemon Sun and Moon to look forward to. Nintendo just released a new trailer for the two games with a ton of new information, like new Pokemon and gameplay mechanics, which should please 3DS fans everywhere.

Six new Pokemon were revealed in the new trailer, two of which ? Mimikyu and Bewear ? had already been showcased in the CoroCoro magazine. The other four Pokemon revealed were Wimpod, Mudsdale, Comfey and Bounsweet. Of all the Pokemon revealed so far, these four aren’t that interesting to look at, but some of them do have unique abilities.

Mudsdale has the incredibly useful Stamina ability, which increases the defense of the Pokemon after it has been hit, making it a must-have for Pokemon battles. Wimpod can retreat after taking a ton of damage, which might make it a frustrating catch in Pokemon Sun and Moon. The others seem to have existing abilities, but their attacks look pretty cool, especially Bewear.

Having new Pokemon is great, but the two games also have some new multiplayer options. Players can now host online competitions, which is great for those who like to have constant battles with other 3DS users. Combined with the new four-way matches that were previously revealed, it seems like Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon are going to be filled with multiplayer options.

Six new Pokemon for Sun and Moon.

Also announced was Hyper Training, which looks to replace the Super Training that was prominent in Pokemon X and Y. The details of this mechanic are vague, since the video mostly shows Pikachu jumping around while its stats increase, so this one will have to be detailed further. Fans can expect some new mini-games, along with the ones that were already in the previous 3DS titles.

Pokemon Sun and Moon are slated for a November 18 release for the 3DS. There is also a special dual-pack edition for those who want to get both games in a steel case. Nintendo has also offered separate steel cases for each game, since most fans will probably just get one of them.

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