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Pokemon Sun And Moon: Human Experimented Pokemon Revealed In New Leak?

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Pokemon Sun And Moon
Pokemon: Sun and Moon

The recent trailer reveal for Pokemon Sun and Moon showed off a lot of new Pokemons coming to the game. ?Among all the reveals, fans are probably most curious about the Ultra Beasts. There may be more than meets the eye when it comes to these Pokemon. According to a few theories, Ultra Beasts may be humans in disguise.

The first reveal of the Ultra Beast named UB-01 showed a jelly-fish like Pokemon. According to the trailer, Ultra Beasts are not like the typical Pokemon. A recent CoroCoro leak once again revealed two new Ultra Beasts; UB-02 Beauty and UB-02 Expansion.

A few theories state that the Ultra Beasts are actually humans in disguise. The image below shows the Ultra Beasts and the Aether Foundation members they might be related to.

UB-02 Beauty; the Pokemon with the long hair, could be Lusamine, an Aether Foundation Member. Out of all the Ultra Beasts, UB-02 is the one Pokemon with the closest resemblance to a character in the game. UB-01 on the other hand, somewhat resembles Kukui?s assistant, Lillie. Both the Pokemon and the character sport a distinguishable top piece. ?Lastly, UB-02 Expansion on the other hand looks similar to Gladion, who?s a member of Team Skull. The close features of the two are UB-02 Expansion?s horn and Gladion?s hair.

A few theories suggest that the Ultra Beasts are these characters in disguise. Redditor I-like-winds theorizes that UB-01 is a failed test or product. This explains why it is named differently from the other two and why it features the least resemblance to humans.

This may be just another mystery that players have to uncover in Pokemon Sun and Moon. There will be a new trailer coming soon so we might get the chance to officially see the Ultra Beasts then.

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