Pokemon Sun And Moon: Hatch 50 Eggs In One Hour

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Pokemon Sun and Moon

In previous Pokemon titles, players have other means of getting Pokemon aside from just encountering and battling them in the wild. Players can also breed Pokemon and hatch eggs. The process remains the same in Pokemon Sun and Moon, and as usual, it?s quite a lengthy process. Luckily, one player discovered a method on how to quickly hatch a number of Pokemon eggs.

Redditor Anarchaotic shared his method on how to hatch at least 50 Pokemon within an hour. The player will need a few things first; Oval Charm, a Pokemon with a flame body and two Pokemon of the opposite sex. For the Oval Charm, players can get it over at Heahea City during post-game.

First, players will need to go to the Pokemon Day Care Center at Paniola City. They?ll then need to give the two Pokemon of opposite sex to the care lady. The Pokemon with a flame body should then be placed at the topmost part of the player?s current Pokemon party. Once outside, the lady nearby should have the eggs already. One of the sure signs of the egg being ready is if the NPC is crossing her arms. Players will then need to mount Tauros and run back and forth until an egg is ready.

With a few eggs in tow, players should place Tauros in this position seen below. Hold B and move the analog in a circular motion so that the eggs will begin to hatch. Eggs will begin hatching after a minute or so. Players can then repeat the process to their hearts? content.

This is a particularly good method especially if players are trying to breed a Pokemon with excellent Nature and stats. It?s also a good way to get a higher chance of getting the rare Shiny Pokemon in Pokemon Sun and Moon.

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