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Pokemon Sun And Moon Guide: Shiny Pokemon Hunting, Most Effective 2-Part Method

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Pokemon Sun And Moon Guide
Pokemon Sun And Moon Guide

Pokemon Sun and Moon has been out for a couple of days now, and some of you may have already caught most of the Pokemon in the game and may already have your sights set on a tougher challenge. And of course we?re talking about the Shiny Pokemon.?We?re happy to unveil our new Pokemon Sun and Moon Guide that may just be the most effective Shiny Hunting method to date.

First of all,?shiny Pokemon are incredibly elusive but not impossible to find. But it certainly does feel impossible at times.?If you?ve decided to set on the quest to hunt down shiny Pokemon, well then we have a great guide for you.?

Gear Up

First off, the biggest issue with hunting shiny Pokemon is the incredibly low chance of finding one. So let’s tackle that problem first.

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And no, we?re not going to hack the game. There is actually an item that can help you improve your odds of finding a shiny Pokemon. This item is called the Shiny Charm. The Shiny Charm will essentially improve the odds of you encountering a Shiny Pokemon.

To get your hands on a Shiny Charm you will first need to get 100% on your Pokedex. Then head towards Heahea City. Talk to the Game Director and he?ll give you the Shiny Charm!

Although Shiny Charms are not needed in order to make the shiny Pokemon hunting method work, it certainly makes it much easier. How easier? There are no clear numbers but some people report that with the Shiny Charm, it only takes them roughly 20~30 minutes to encounter Shiny Pokemon.

So for your sake, we strongly advise you to get the Shiny Charm. Otherwise you run the risk of hours upon hours of grinding with no Shiny Pokemon in sight.

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First up you will need to use Adrenaline orbs. These will make wild Pokemon call for help in battle when their health is pretty low.

What you do is lower the wild Pokemon?s health till it is close to fainting. When it calls its backup Pokemon, that?s when you start playing to the game?s code. The odds of a Shiny Pokemon appearing from a backup distress call is much higher than running around in tall grass for some reason.

Now if the backup Pokemon isn?t a Shiny Pokemon, then simply finish it off in a single attack. Keep the original wild Pokemon alive until he calls upon a Shiny Pokemon for you to catch.

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