Pokemon Sun And Moon: Guide To Natures And Its Benefits

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Despite its light-hearted nature and premise, any Pokemon game is surprisingly deep and requires a lot of thorough planning. Like Pokemon GO, the latest Pokemon title also has a ton of hidden stats that players should take note of, one of which is a Pokemon?s Nature. Here?s a guide on the Pokemon Natures in Pokemon Sun and Moon.

Natures List

Natures have long been in the series, but what a few fans may not know is that Nature affects how a Pokemon develops. Pokemon gain different stats increases per level depending on their Nature, and it?s something to study deeply if one plans on becoming a great trainer.

AdamantAttackSp. Atk
BashfulSp. AtkSp. Atk
CalmSp. DefAttack
CarefulSp. DefSp. Atk
GentleSp. DefDefense
ImpishDefenseSp. Atk
JollySpeedSp. Atk
LaxDefenseSp. Def
MildSp. AtkDefense
ModestSp. AtkAttack
NaiveSpeedSp. Def
NaughtyAttackSp. Def
QuietSp. AtkSpeed
QuirkySp. DefSp. Def
RashSp. AtkSp. Def
SassySp. DefSpeed

Some Natures are perfect for Pokemon. It would depend on the base stat build of a Pokemon. A Pokemon that has a bonus increase for Attack per level would be best with Adamant, Brave, Hardy and other natures that add a bonus to the stat.

Natures are randomly generated and will be determined once the player gets hold of a Pokemon. Natures are also determined when picking a starter. Players can simply soft reset Pokemon Sun and Moon until they get the Nature that?s perfect for their starter Pokemon.

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