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Pokemon Sun And Moon Guide: Incineroar, Primerina, Decidueye Analyzed, Find Out The Best Starter For You!

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Pokemon Sun and Moon Guide

Pokemon Sun And Moon is finally out! After all these months of waiting, and after hundreds of spoilers later, people all over the world are finally getting ahold of this much awaited Pokemon Game.?This Pokemon Sun and Moon Guide will help you decide which starter is best for you.

Just like every Pokemon game before it, you are immediately met with a very difficult decision. Which of the three cool looking starter Pokemon should you choose??

Will you pick the one you like? Do you like all of them? Will this one be the strongest? So many questions and barely an hour into the game, no real answers will be there to help you out.

Lucky for you we?ve already analyzed Decidueye, Incineroar, and Primarina in depth. And we have a quick summary below on all the important take aways from each starter Pokemon. By the end of this Pokemon Sun and Moon Guide, you?ll know which starter to pick between Decidueye, Incineroar, and Primarina.

Pokemon Sun and Moon Guide


We?ve got bad news for you. Decidueye is by far the weakest starter of the three. It has the lowest and most averaged stats. This might have been a bid to make it a ?balanced? Pokemon but it fails to be balanced and ends up being mediocre without any great specialty overall.

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Its Pokemon type, Grass/Ghost is a bad combination. Decidueye has the most number of Pokemon type weaknesses compared to Incineroar and Primarina. And to make matters worst, the types that it is weak against are mostly common in the game. Expect running into enemies who are specially effective against Decidueye often.

It?s signature move, Spirit Shackle would only be really useful occasionally with its ability to lock in opponents from switching. But since most enemies would have an advantage against Decidueye?s type, would you really want to lock them in a battle with Decidueye?

As for the other moves, nothing really stands out. Even Decidueye?s Z-Move Sinister Arrow Raid with a base power of 180 isn?t exactly phenomenal.

So in the end, Decidueye is just very lack-lustered for a starter Pokemon. It?s far from useless, but it’s also far from being great. ?Pick Decidueye if you really love it and you want to opt for a slightly more difficult game experience.

Pokemon Sun And Moon Guide


Incineroar is a beast. It?s Fire and Dark type. What makes Incineroar such a powerful Pokemon is its synergy between its stats and signature move Dark Lauriat.

Incineroar has been blessed with both great tanking and damage potential. It has 95 hit points, and 90 defense points, more than good enough to take some serious damage. Its attack points come at a respectable 115 points.

Incineroar?s damage is already pretty good, but its signature move Dark Lauriat is what pushes the total damage output further. Dark Lauriat comes at a good 85 base damage but what makes it shine is its ability to ignore enemy?s stat changes. This means Incineroar can keep hurting enemies no matter how insanely buffed they are.

All in all, Incineroar is a Pokemon that can take a grave hit, and deal one as well. Just like a real brawler. It?s truly the most balanced of the three starters and has enough potential to stand as a top contender until the end of the game.

Pokemon Sun And Moon Guide


Primarina is quite literally the most special Starter Pokemon from the three. It boasts an insane combo of 126 special attack and 116 special defense in its stats. This is balanced out with average stats in everything else such as health.

Primarina?s skill set is very strong. Most of it?s skills have very high damage potential. Skills such as Moon Blast, Shadow Ball, Energy Ball and its Z-Move Oceanic Operetta. ?

Oceanic Operetta is OP, it?s the strongest Z-Move out of all the starters with a great base power of 195. With such a high special attack stat and with so many hard hitting moves, Primarina has the most damage potential out of all the three starters.

And what makes it such a formidable Pokemon, is its very high special defense as well. It?s so high that Primarina can survive specially effective moves such as Thunder Bolt.

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Pokemon Sun and Moon Guide In A Nutshell

Decidueye is the odd one out of the three starters with its overall lack luster performance. Only those who want a handicap and have a craving to find a way to make Decidueye effective in battle should pick it.

To those who are opting for the more advantageous Pokemon in battle, the real decision really comes between Incineroar and Primarina. Ironically, these two Pokemon are on two sides of the same coin. Both have great damage and defense. The main difference would be, Incineroar leveraging on normal attack, defense, and health, while Primarina leverages on special attack and special defense.

Incineroar would be a more balanced decision between the two. It can prove to be reliable in a more wide variety of battles.

Primarina has more total damage potential. ?But with how it is designed, it will be more effective at certain battle setups compared to Incineroar. At the same time, Primarina doesn?t have too many bad battle scenarios that would immediately make it a sitting duck.

So who do you pick if you want to be more ?competitive?? Well it depends. If you want a more balanced type that can work in plenty of battles, then Incineroar is up your alley.

If you want a Pokemon that?s good at something and does it very well, while still generally balanced, then Primarina is the clear choice. We hope this Pokemon Sun and Moon Guide has helped you decide which starter to use.

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