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Pokemon Sun And Moon Guide: Get A Shiny Starter Pokemon Bug Revealed!

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Pokemon Sun And Moon Guide
Pokemon Sun And Moon Guide

Pokemon Sun and Moon is finally out and thousands of players are finally exploring the whole Alola Region for all the best Pokemons out there. This Pokemon Sun and Moon guide aims to help you get a shiny Pokemon. Most of you are still focused on just finding and catching every single Pokemon, let alone a shiny one. ?If you?ve played any of the older titles in recent years, you would just how random and unlikely it is to ever encounter a shiny Pokemon.

What if we told you can get your hands on a shiny Pokemon right now? Not just any shiny Pokemon, but a shiny starter! Well, we have prepared a new Pokemon Sun And Moon guide that will help you get your hands on your own shiny starter Pokemon.


First off we?d like to point out that this isn?t a sure fire way of getting Shiny Starter. The best and only method out right now takes time and patience.

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We?ve also opted to call this method as possibly a bug exploit in the game. This is because of the arguably peculiar way this method is done. It certainly doesn?t involve playing real game content.

So far GameFreak hasn?t given any official word on this. And no one hasn?t been banned. So attempt this method on your discretion.

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Keep Resetting

After you go through the selection process of your starter Pokemon, you?ll go into the game?s following cutscene. You won?t know if your starter Pokemon is a shiny until you reach the portion when you can name it.

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Once you see that your starter isn?t a shiny Pokemon, it’s time to soft reset the game and repeat every again and again until a shiny Starter graces your screen.

It?s a pretty random method with you praying to the game?s RNG. You will need both time and patience.

Make sure you stick to soft-resets. That will make this method go much faster as you can skip boot up time and all of the opening scenes. To do a soft-reset, simply hold onto both the L and R buttons and then press either the Start or Select button.

We wish we could give you a rough estimate on how long it will before you can get your hands on a shiny starter. But with the random results so far, we can only hope you have what it takes to see your shiny starter Pokemon.

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