Pokemon Sun And Moon Guide: How To Get Shiny Pokemon Easily

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Pokemon Sun and Moon

In every Pokemon entry, Shiny Pokemon are often wanted for their rarity and sometimes better stats than their regular counterparts. Pokemon Sun and Moon are no exception as players want to collect these Shinies. Here?s a Pokemon Sun and Moon guide on how to get Shiny Pokemon easily.

Masuda Method

Since the 4th Pokemon Generation, the ?Masuda Method? increased the chances of players getting a Shiny Pokemon when breeding two Pokemon of different languages. The game recognizes the Pokemon?s ?original language,? and its systems will consider more internal values that provide their offspring more chances becoming a Shiny.

This system encourages international trades among players and it grew even more when gamers could trade Pokemon online. This system may definitely help in Pokemon Sun and Moon, so check out if you can get foreign Pokemon through online trading for your game.

Reinforcement Farming

In Pokemon Sun and Moon, wild Pokemon often call for backup if they?re low on health. More than just extra experience, the reinforcements could actually have more chance to be a Shiny or have better stats. At best, players can rely on moves like False Swipe which leaves Pokemon at 1 HP if it deals a fainting blow. Players can just opt to wait for the wild Pokemon or use the Adrenaline Orb to see if they?re going to call a Shiny.

Still Low Chances

Despite the new systems that improve Shiny Pokemon, the Pokemon Sun and Moon Shiny Pokemon encounter rates are still low. 7th Generation players just have more access to items and boosts for Shiny Pokemon encounter rates. Players are expected to get these items as they progress through the game and just worry about Shiny Pokemon later. If you?re aiming to get Shiny Pokemon, be prepared to spend long hours in grinding and breeding for one Shiny. If you?re playing competitively, sometimes these Shiny Pokemon may not even have optimal stats. However, they?re still good for their rarity so catch one if you can. Stay updated with more Pokemon Sun and Moon news here on TheBitBag.

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