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Pokemon Sun And Moon Guide: Get Both Lunala & Solgaleo, Full Walkthrough

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Pokemon Sun And Moon Guide
Pokemon Sun And Moon Guide

Pokemon Sun and Moon is out and thousands of new Alolan Pokemon trainers are busy trying to catch every single Pokemon in the game. But out of the many quirky Pokemon, the two legendaries are undoubtedly one of the most sought after Pokemons of all. This Pokemon Sun and Moon Guide will help you in your game.

The problem is that you can?t catch both of the legendaries. You can only get ahold of your respective legendary in the game. If you get Pokemon Moon, you get Lunala. If you get Pokemon Sun, you have Solgaleo.

What if we told you there is a way to get your hands on both Lunala & Solgaleo? Well there is! Keep reading our latest Pokemon Sun And Moon Guide to learn how!


Pokemon Sun and Moon Guide: Prerequisites

First things first, you have to ?finish? the main storyline. Or at least become the Alola region champion. Once you?ve done this, go back to your game?s respective altar.

However, you have to be there at a specific time of day ?depending on your game version. If you?re on Sun, go there night time in you 3DS? real world time and vice versa with Moon.

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Once there, you should see a new portal that will send to some strange other world. In this other world, fly on over to route 16. From there just to the lake, then to the flower field, and turn right and just keep on walking until you the cut scene.

You?ll then find a strange time warp cutscene of Solgaleo and Lunala. Just go through the cut scene and by the end you?ll have Cosmog.

pokemon sun and moon

You get a Cosmog

Register 50 Pokemon on your Pokedex then go to Kukui at the professor’s? lab

Lucky Egg, ?give it to Cosmog to boost its evolve

Level Up Cosmog

Your new goal now is to level up your newly acquired Cosmog until it become legendary. It becomes Cosmoean at lvl 43 and Solgaleo/Lunala and lvl 53.

The fastest way to lvl Cosmog is to give it a Lucky Egg. With the Lucky Egg on, you just need to go through the Alolan Region Championship twice to get it to lvl 53.

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Now that you?ve leveled up your Cosmog to a legendary, you realize something pretty shocking. You soon learn that your Cosmog is predestined to evolve into the Legendary that you already have on the game. So you?ll either be stuck with two Lunalas or two Solgaleos are this point.

But worry not, you?re now just one last step away from getting your other Legendary Pokemon. Simply trade it for the one you need! There?s hundreds of other people in the same boat as you.

If you have friends playing on the opposite version then you guys can trade for each other?s second legendary. If you don?t have friends (ouch) but you have internet, then simply go to the Global Trade Station and start looking. You succeed in the trade and voila, you now have both legendary Pokemons in your team.

Keep reading The Bitbag for more Pokemon Sun and?Moon guide and techniques.

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