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Pokemon Sun and Moon Guide: Fast & EZ Big Money Making Early In The Game, Full Walkthrough

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Pokemon Sun and Moon Guide
Pokemon Sun and Moon Guide

Pokemon Sun and Moon is out and there are?guides and so much to explore and talk about this great new Pokemon Game. Speaking of guides, we have a great new Pokemon Sun and Moon Guide that will help you earn quick and easy cash very early in the game!

Or you could just go head strong in your new Pokemon adventure without any real preparation and live off of the stuff you pick up every now and again.

But no, you?re better than that. You want to go into your adventure fully stocked and prepared for anything. Because you?re sick and tired of fainting somewhere in the wild only to wake up in the last Poke-center, hundreds of miles back. ?


Surf 2 Win

Disclaimer, this isn?t a full blown money farming guide. However, this is a fast and reliable method to get some cash. At the same time, it?s more than enough cash to fuel all your immediate needs. What makes this method so great is that you could do it pretty early in the game and you can keep on doing it till the end of the game.

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This method was shared by ?YouTuber SmkGaming05. We?re basically going to surf and fish for goodies.

First off, you need to have Lapras and Surf to be able to fish. Then you need to go to fishing spots to start fishing. Unlike the previous games you could fish anywhere in any body of water. This time, you need to go to these fishing spots.

Now, your goal is to fish for pearls. These pearls are great catches and can fetch a hefty amount of Poke-Dollars when sold.

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How ?much? Pearls are worth 1,000 Poke-Dollars and Big Pearls are worth a whopping 4,000 Poke-Dollars!

This method is fairly simple and straightforward. Just go to any fishing spot and start reeling in those pearls. The only real hindrance would be the random Pokemon encounters. But who knows, you might run into that shiny water Pokemon you?ve always wanted.

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