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Pokemon Sun And Moon Guide: Full Walkthrough on How to Catch Non-Alolan Pokemon

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Pokemon Sun And Moon Guide
Pokemon Sun And Moon Guide

Some of you may be missing your older Pokemon from the older titles. Well, we have great news for you, there is a way to catch them again! Yes, we have a Pokemon Sun and Moon Guide to help you catch non-Alolan Pokemon in the game! ?

QR Scan

Open your menu and go to the second page to access the QR Scanner. From there, simply point your 3DS? camera on a QR Code of a Pokemon. Pressing R will then register that respective Pokemon.

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After you?ve scanned the QR Code, the respective Pokemon will now appear on your Pokedex. This is great for Pokemon you haven?t encountered because you?ll be able to learn the Pokemon?s location and habitat. Pretty nifty trick for hunting Pokemon.

Every QR scan will net you 10 points. 100 points will let you use a brand new featured added into Pokemon Sun and Moon. Its called: Island Scan. So 10 scans will give you the right to use Island Scan once.

It?s also important to note that you can?t just spam QR scans in one sitting. It takes two whole hours to replenish a QR scan. It will roughly take you 10 hours before you can do Isl
and scan again. And that?s if you diligently do the QR scans every two hours on the dot.


Island Scan

Although it sounds pretty mundane, Island Scan is a fantastic new feature. It will summon a none-Alolan Pokemon from previous Pokemon titles!

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Pokemon will vary from island to island. Non-Alolan Pokemon can only be captured in specific areas. Once you encountered the summoned non-Alolan Pokemon, you?ll then be prompted to battle it.

It?s very important that you come very prepared. You only have one battle to capture the non-Alolan Pokemon. Miss this chance and your odds of seeing the same one again on your play through are pretty slim. When you capture the non-Alolan Pokemon, you?ll be able to hold on to it but it won?t show up on your Pokedex.

We hope this guide helps you find a ton of great non-Alolan Pokemons that you can brag to all your friends. More Pokemon Sun And Moon Guides are set to come out soon, stay updated with us if you don?t want to miss out!

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