Pokemon Sun and Moon Guide: How to Catch Rare Pokemon in Alola Region

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Pokemon Sun and Moon Guide

With nearly 2 million copies sold, Nintendo?s Pokemon Sun and Moon emerged as one of the best games of all time. Players across the world just can?t stop playing the game and skilled players are engaged in finding innovative ways to win. This Pokemon Sun and Moon Guide aims to help?catch rare Pokemon that appear in the Alola Region and unlock all 4 Alola Deities.

How to catch rare Pokemon in Alola Region?

There are many ways to catch rare Pokemon in Alola. The tried and tested way is to put in a lot of hard work and effort, which is the real concept of the game. The other way is to use a cheat engine, which is not recommended as it may cause several privacy issues.

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In addition, another legit way to catch rare Pokemon is to use QR scanner for getting QR codes of Pokemon. With the help of QR scanner, players are more likely to catch many Pokemon and can easily win the game.

The QR scanner helps players obtain QR codes of those Pokemon which are not likely to appear in the Alola Region. The tool can even store all the information and locations of Pokemon at Pokedex. This?makes it?more convenient for players.

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How to Unlock all 4 Deities of Alola?

Meanwhile, to?unlock all the powers of 4 Alola Deities, players?ahould follow instructions of the game. It?s hard to find all the Deities and unlock their powers. But this is the only way for the players to get the supernatural powers of different deities. By unlocking different supernatural powers, players can win the game easily.

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