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Pokemon Sun And Moon Global Event: Reaching 100 Million Goal Now Impossible?

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The Pokemon Sun and Moon Global Event is almost over, and it might end in failure. For some reason, Game Freak challenged players to capture 100 Million Pokemon by December 13. While the two 3DS games have sold a ton, the people who conceptualized the challenge may have overestimated the fans.

Firstly, the two games came out on November 18, so players around the world only had a month. The event also started in the last few days of November, so most are probably not busy with catching new Pokemon anymore. With only less than 20 percent of the target met by the community, it’s clear that the goal won’t be reached in time. While miracles can happen, this one is a bit of a stretch. Still, some fans will try their best to win the challenge, so that’s always admirable.

Why The Pokemon Sun And Moon Global Event Failed

There are plenty of factors as to why the event didn’t do well. According to Slash Gear, one of those reasons is that catching Pokemon isn’t recorded right away. Players actually have to go to the Festival Plaza and sign up to participate in the event.

Game Freak should have just made the Global Event automatic to those with Wi-Fi. Another thing that adds to the confusion is the lack of in-game notifications, as players do not get informed about events. Despite all the changes made, it seems like Pokemon Sun and Moon still have a few things to learn from other games.

What’s Next?

While the first?Pokemon Sun and Moon Global Event may fail, there are still other things to look forward to. Both games are a blast to play through and they even have some post-game content that will entertain fans. A Mew event might also be on the way since data miners found some possible content related to the legendary.

Hopefully, the developers learn from this and come up with more practical numbers in their next global event. 100 Million Pokemon was a little too much for fans around the world, especially since the event wasn’t automatic. Still, the Pokemon Sun and Moon Global Event was a good idea in theory, it just should have been executed better.

Pokemon Sun and Moon are available now on the 3DS. Both games are also playable on the 2DS and New 3DS. A rumored Pokemon Stars is supposedly in development for the Nintendo Switch. ?

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