Pokemon Sun And Moon: How To Get Munchlax

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Pokemon Sun And Moon

The latest entry in Game Freak?s Pokemon Sun and Moon launched recently, and fans are loving what the developer has done for the game. Those who purchase the game from a set time can even get a special bonus from Nintendo. However, getting the special Munchlax might be too confusing, so here?s how to do it in Pokemon Sun and Moon.

Getting Munchlax With Snorleum-Z

Upon booting up the game, players should first pick the Mystery Gift option from the start menu. They?ll need to then pick the online connection option when picking how the Mystery Gift should be received. It?s the same process with the monthly Mythical Pokemon giveaway for the Pokemon 20th Anniversary promo.

Once the gift is received, players will still need to talk to an NPC to officially get Munchlax. The NPC to speak to is exactly at the left side of the nurse in Pokemon Centers. This is also how players can get the bonuses from the demo versions of Pokemon Sun and Moon.

The special Munchlax will be available from the release of Sun and Moon, up until January 11, 2017. Players still have a lot of time before the offer expires, but they should definitely get it now as it?s a good Pokemon to have early in the game.

What makes the Munchlax special is that it?ll come with Snorleum-Z. Once the Pokemon evolves into a Snorlax, it?ll be able to use a really powerful Z-move called the Pulverizing Pancake. Snorleum-Z ?Evolving Munchlax isn?t as easy as getting the Pokemon into a certain level. Players will need to raise ?Friendship with Munchlax for it to evolve into Snorlax. Friendship is increased through several factors including levelling up and travelling with the Pokemon in the party.

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