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Pokemon Sun And Moon In-Game Trade: All Pokemon You Can Get From NPCs

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Pokemon Sun and Moon

A ton of leaks are happening for Pokemon Sun and Moon, and players should be wary in checking out on a few of the game?s online communities unless they want spoilers. There?s another recent leak for the upcoming title, and this time it focuses on what Pokemon the players can get through trading with the NPCs.

Redditor galeforcerob shares all of the Pokemon that can be acquired through trading with the NPCs scattered all around Alola. Through these trades, players can get a few special versions of the Pokemon. The trade list is as follows:

  • Player Lillipup for NPC Bounsweet (Called Bouncee)
  • Player Zubat for NPC Poliwhirl (Called Whirly)
  • Player Pancham for NPC Happiny (Called Happini)
  • Player Graveler for NPC Haunter (Not sure of Nickname, Maybe Veler)
  • Player Haunter for NPC Graveler (Not sure of Nickname, Maybe Macho)
  • Player Granbull for NPC Steenee (Called Stena)
  • Player Bewear for NPC Talonflame (Called Talo)

It?s very likely that the Pokemon players can get through these trades hold a special item. The Pokemon themselves aren?t rare finds and are just commonly found throughout Alola. It?s possible that the Pokemon might be carrying Z-Crystals or other unique items. Players should find these NPCs and trade with them.

The Redditor also notes that there?s probably version-exclusive NPC trades in Pokemon Sun and Moon. There is a big chance of this happening since there?s already quite a few version-exclusive Pokemon in the game. Fans are hoping that the version-exclusive trades will reward them with Pokemon from the other version.

Aside from NPC trading, players can also trade with others online or through lan connection. Trading is the best way to complete the Pokedex, and it?s even more important now since there are a lot of version-exclusive Pokemon in both titles.

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