Pokemon Sun and Moon: Should Game Freak Retain 2 vs 2 Battles?

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Pokemon Sun and Moon

2 vs 2 battles in Pokemon games have been around since the third generation of the Pokemon series on Game Boy Advance. It?s also been part of the competitive Pokemon scene, so removing it will affect the competition heavily. Will the feature return in the upcoming Pokemon Sun and Moon games?

The system of 2 vs 2 battles is simple and straightforward. Both trainers play two active Pokemon at the same time. Each of the four Pokemon has standalone turns affected by their speed stat and other environmental factors or hazards.

When a Pokemon faints, it will automatically be replaced with the next one, and the fight will continue until one trainer runs out of reserve Pokemons. It?s a step up from the usual 1 vs 1 Pokemon battles in the game?s entries.

In casual matches, it?s cool to use two Pokemons at the same time. It also adds basic team synergies in Pokemon abilities which add more fun and challenge in defeating enemy trainers in-game. As for its competitive use, it?s enough to generate hype-filled matches despite its slower pace than Street Fighter. Usually, in competitive Pokemon, 1 vs 1 matches can be decided with tactical setups that outright deny the enemy turns and sweep up the whole party into fainting. It?s exciting for seasoned players, but it gets boring for regular ones as chances for a comeback are slim. Here?s a championship match featuring the 2 vs 2 system.

The features of Pokemon Sun and Moon have not been announced, so it?s unknown if it will include 2 vs 2 battles. Don?t expect all the features you experienced from your beloved Pokemon game to carry over as some of them were not carried over to the next entry in the franchise.

Due to its competitive standing and as an extra battle mode for the game, Game Freak will have to think hard on creating a substitute for or improving the 1 vs 1 battles for both casual and competitive players in the upcoming Pokemon games. Stay updated on Pokemon Sun and Moon news here on TheBitBag.

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