Pokemon Sun And Moon: Game Ends With Player Becoming Alola?s First Champion?

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We got a lot of details about what?s up ahead with Pokemon Sun and Moon through the recent trailer released by The Pokemon Company. The developer again surprised fans with a couple of interesting reveals including the Alola form of some first gen Pokemon. The recent trailer also showed a quest the player has to take up in the game called the Island Challenge.

Past the three-minute mark of the video, fans can see Professor Kukui instructing the player to become the best in the league by completing the Island Challenge. Doing this requires the player to beat the four Trial Captains, who each represent a type ?ala Elite Four. After that, the player has to beat the island?s Hakunas.

We?ve speculated that Game Freak is completely removing the Elite Four and Pokemon Gyms in Pokemon Sun and Moon. This theory is very plausible as it?s very odd for the upcoming title to have an Elite Four and the four Trial Captains in one go.

With this, we can also say that it?s possible that the end result of the player?s journey in Alola is that the main protagonist becomes the Champion of the region. The Trial Captains or the Hakunas could then be the Champions? Elite Four. This also points to Alola being a little late on the Pokemon training and battling trend. Either that or the game might be the first title if all past Pokemon games are put in chronological order.

Although this concept strays far from what players have been used to in past Pokemon RPGs, we have to admit that it?s a pretty exciting prospect to become the Champion instead of the best challenger in a Pokemon game.

Game Freak is going to introduce a lot of new concepts and is doing away with a few old ones in Pokemon Sun and Moon, and we?ll have to wait till the Nov. 18 release date of the game to find out all of them.

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