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Pokemon Sun And Moon Exploit: How To Get Unlimited Bottle Caps

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Pokemon Sun And Moon Exploit
Pokemon Sun And Moon Exploit

Pokemon Sun And Moon has only been out for a few weeks but so much about the whole game has already been covered by so many people. Guides are everywhere, shiny hunting videos are all over YouTube, and exploits are finally coming out as well.

Speaking of exploits, we have one for you! We shall be teaching you our latest Pokemon Sun and Moon exploit on how to get Unlimited Bottle Caps in the shortest amount of time possible! Read on to learn the newest discovered broken game design feature!

Festival Points & Bottle Caps

First off, you will need a Big Dreams 1 Star. Next, find someone who has a two star Treasure Hunt and make them VIP.

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Buy the Treasure Hunt and replace your Big Dreams. Now go to your new facility for your new guaranteed Bottle Cap. And that?s it!


Why It’s Broken

Bottle Caps used for Hyper training to raise your Pokemon?s individual stats are generally very hard to find. The method we showed you is by far the fastest way to gain Bottlecaps. It?s so fast, it?s practically an exploit compared to traditional means such as, Gifts and Fishing.

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It takes 50 Festival Points to put in the Big Dreams and another 100 to replace with the Treasure Hunt. From there, you can infinitely cycle this method. Meaning, you?ll be earning one Bottle Cap for every 150 festival points.

It only takes 9 minutes to earn 150 festival points. And if you prioritize festival missions, you can earn 150 festival points much faster than 9 minutes.

1000 festival points can be earned in an hour. This means, you can afford to push out a full competitive Pokemon every hour.

This method can also be done with any facility, but the Treasure Hunt and Big Dreams method yields the lowest cost so far. We hope you guys find this quick guide useful.

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