Pokemon Sun and Moon: What To Expect On Monday’s Reveal

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Pokemon Sun and Moon

Nintendo and Game Freak will be announcing more new information about Pokemon Sun and Moon, which has definitely excited many 3DS fans. Sure, it might not make a big impact on pop culture like its mobile counterpart Pokemon GO, but no one is going to complain about the newest entry into the series either.

While each new announcement has been better than the last, one can’t help but wonder if they are starting to feel a bit formulaic. That’s not necessarily a bad thing, since each of the various reveals have gotten a significant amount of fanfare, but it is worth noting.

The first thing that can be expected is new Pokemon. There have already been plenty of new names released, but the new game is going to add 100 or so new creatures, so the company has barely reached the half yet. Most of the new monsters that were revealed for Pokemon Sun and Moon look like they will be typical wild ones that can be caught in grassy areas, so here?s hoping that we see a new legendary or two.

Fans can also expect new gameplay mechanics in the latest reveal. The most recent one showed off Hyper Training ? which looks like an improved version of the Super Training from Pokemon X and Y ? as well as online contests that players can host. Add the new fourway battles, and it seems like Sun and Moon have a ton of new gameplay features.

Expect new features on Monday.

What exactly those gameplay mechanics are is a mystery, since fans don’t really expect the Pokemon games to change that much. The graphics look slightly improved over X and Y, but the battles are still identical to Red and Blue, but with more visual flare. The core concept of the Pokemon games has never really changed ? catch monsters, beat Gym leaders, win the league ? so it is up to the developers to surprise fans.

Pokemon Sun and Moon are slated for a November 18 release for the 3DS. The games will be playable on the 2DS and New 3DS, so no one will be left out. Fans can also pre-order the steelcase dual pack if they want both games.

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